Tool and strategies for corporate wellness improvement

The context of corporate wellness

For a number of years, there has been a strong business movement, mainly from the United States, with which businesses are increasingly focusing their efforts on providing their templates for wellness management methods, going beyond What is foreseen in the law and beyond also the basic prevention of occupational risks. These programs, which seek to avoid, among other things, the anxiety disorders mentioned above, work on indicators such as motivation, reconciliation of work and family life, personal well-being, employee commitment and sustainable productivity. It is firmly demonstrated through various studies that all these indicators have a clear impact on the business balance.

What benefits and results are to be expected? 

Why invest in this programs?

Companies are a living organism, composed by persons, and therefore, only the ones that provide themselves with mechanisms that enhance life, survive. Labour health is a holistic concept, that has an influence over all the links of the organisation chart, and that is why it is a consubstantial factor in business success. Furthermore, according to what the European agency for health and safety at work claims: "Health and Safety at work (HSW) provides the companies not only with advantages, but also constitutes a social and jurisdiccional obligation for them. Companies are aware of how HSW prevents professional illnessess and injuries of their employees, and is also a key factor for success. According to this same European Agency, the advantages that a company that cares for its health may accquire are: value of the brand and prestige, attention and conservation of the clients, corporate social responsability, commitment and motivation of the employees, productivity, insurance cost management, lower costs of professional accidents and illnesses, inversors confidence....

Some corporate references that succesfully apply these programs

Companies like Texas Instruments, GlaxoSmithKline, Caterpillar, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Union Pacific, GE Energy, Bank One (J.P. Morgan), Dow Chemical, Dell, NASA o 3M, todas ellas citadas en el informe de Pilar García Lombardía y Andreu Peiró Barra (Productividad y Empresa Saludable, apartado "Benchmarking Internacional") apply these programs and notice it in their corporate balances.

Our proposal

Its differential value

Although its a rising initiative, and quite recent, there exist numerous healthcare programs options aimed at companies. One of the objectives of Comparte Tu Reto for companies is to help their clients develop and keep a strong and healthy vital tone, both physically and emotionally. For this reason, through our program, we seek to create and reinforce the motivation and the collaboration bonds between their employees. This is, therefore, our differential contribution: we firmly believe in the good health and good interpersonal relationaships binomial. Only this way, encouraging the idea of sharing a challenge, may we create, in the staff, the necessary motivation to implement positive changes in their personal, labour and business life, orientating ourselves always in the direction of the holistic profitability of the companies and it´s members.

The project that we propose consists on the gradual implementation of beneficial tools in favour of wellness through the programming and following up of healthy actions in a flexible manner, adapted to each participant, both in the methodology (online or on-site *) as in the contents.

* Onsite in Spain. Online worldwide.