What is Comparte Tu Reto

COMPARTE TU RETO ('Share Your Challenge') is an improvement plan for corporate and personal wellness, and it is achieved by means of the design and supervision of healthy sports actions and shared motivation. 

Its creators are Gema Quiroga and Alfon López, whose personal project is to share with others the challenge of living a full life.

It is meant for persons (people) in general and work teams, with the objective of improving their quality of life, their relationships and their labor productivity.

A participant develops the program in his/her personal daily routine with the idea of establishing healthy habits in a continuous manner.

COMPARTE TU RETO is based on the idea that sharing is a force exceptionally capable of creating motivation.

In the program, what the participant shares with his/her colleagues is a double challenge: on the one hand, training and preparing physically to carry out a determined sports test; on the other, participating in such physical test in a thrilled and excited manner.

During the course of the challenge, the participant optimizes his/her physical condition, his/her alimentary habits, the way in which he/she relates with others and the manner in which he/she handles  stress.