Who we are

We share the challenge with you

Alfon López

Personal Coach / Founding partner

I find myself entirely filled and motivated when, with my experience and dedication, I can help others in matters regarding their personal development . Although I sometimes miss a certain separation, I consider my work to be my style of life and vice versa; always focused on health and the fullness and creation of a positive message. This is what I can offer to help others fulfill their physical, mental and spiritual goals.

I regularly practice yoga, trail running , mountain biking and ironman races.

Gema Quiroga

Sports Trainer / Founding partner

After many years of dedication to sports and training, I would like to share health through this path that I have so many times covered: training, well-being, satisfaction, knowledge, friendship, self-improvement, happiness, vitality... Decisive concepts which have forged my life. I now propose to share all this with you, from my professionalism and compromise.

I regularly practice trail running, mountain biking, and yoga.

Miguel Soriano

Sports trainer

After more than a decade dedicated to the management and promotion of physical activity as a means of integral improvement for health and well-being, I am very proud to be able to collaborate in this great project that is Share Your Challenge, with which we understand that the Well-being is a whole, which can not be understood without physical exercise. Being able to help people improve their quality of life through our work and also make this our way of life is a real pleasure.

I regularly practice running, swiming and skiing.

Marta Esteve

Nutritionist Dietitian

I firmly believe that a balanced and healthy diet is key to ensuring optimal health and preventing all kinds of diseases. I believe that adequate nutrition, adapted to the physical requirements and daily needs of each individual, is vital to ensure maximum performance in any sports discipline. In addition, a diet adapted to the training and competitions of each person will result in an improvement of their state, not only physical but also emotional, a point that I consider vital for the optimal development of any professional or amateur athlete. 

I regularly practice running, trail running and fitness.

David Morales

Sports Trainer

Since my childhood my life has revolved around sport. I enjoy learning more and more each day about what has become my passion and profession. I have experienced the tremendous health and well-being benefits of being and staying physically active. I include myself in the philosophy of Share Your Challenge in which the pillars for the improvement of well-being are: physical activity, food, recovery and rest, and yoga and meditation. I offer you my desire and impetus so that you too can internalize this healthy lifestyle.

I regularly practice running, functional training, soccer and mountain bike.

Volker Sheer

Sports Physitian and General Practitioner MD, MRCGP, MECOSEP

Volker qualified in Medicine from the University of Munich, Germany. He trained as a General Practitioner in the UK and worked for several years in Edinburgh before qualifying as a Sports Physician at the Olympic Training Centre at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. He is Assistant Medical Director at the Sports Medicine Department at the University of Paderborn, Germany and a Lecturer in Sports Medicine and Sports Physiology. He also works as a Sports Physician for the British Forces in Germany. He is founding member of the Ultra Sports Science Foundation and completed specialist training as a Golf Medicus® and works for the European Golf Tour. He is a committee member of the European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians.

He worked as a sports doctor at the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

He published several scientific papers examining the impact of exercise on the human body, especially in ultra endurance sports.

In his youth he was a competitive sprinter at national level and now enjoys sports at a more leisurely level, including golf, running, skiing and water sports.